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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two for One for Project Linus!

Here are some more quilts that I have finished for Project Linus. One is just like the one I did before except it has different borders. The pattern was set up that way--quite clever! Mater and Lightening are so cute!!!!!

The next two are just alike so I just showed one of them. Life Up North has lots of little animals "peeking" out from everywhere---just what you'd expect to see if you went camping---guess you wouldn't really have to go up north to see them--I have friends who live in the country here in Texas and talk about raccoons and the like here! I'm hoping some little boys will like all of these! They need quilts for boys and get lots more quilts for girls---lots more fabrics are geared toward women and girls!!! I guess cause more women quilt than men, although there are more and more men quilting these days!!! Good for the men!!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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