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Friday, July 4, 2008

Thread Catcher

I found this pattern for a thread catcher basket on The Stitching Room blog (thank you to the writer for sharing the pattern) and had to try to make a 4th of July one! I wish I had of made my stitches more neatly, but next time I will concentrate harder and use a true ladder stitch! It's fun to try new things and this was a fun little thing to try to do on a hot afternoon in Texas!

We spent the early morning (got there at 8:00 and left at noon) at the Canton, Texas Trade Days which is a flea market extraordinaire!! There are hundreds of booths with everything you could imagine for sale--what fun it was! I did enjoy lots of people watching and Maynard got in a lot more walking than I did and saw more things, but I saw lots, too and enough for me! We didn't buy much, but it sure was fun! We wondered "where in the world does all this 'stuff' come from?" And then I thought of all the 'stuff'' that I have at home!! Memo to self: "Remember this when you want to buy more!!!!" Hee Hee!

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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NanaKaren said...

Jan, your patriotic thread catcher is really cute! One of these days, I'll try my hand at making one....maybe a fall or Christmas theme.

Debi said...

Very patriotic thread catcher, it is really cute. I hope you had a great day yesterday.