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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Continuing On................

Working on Rosebud Lane, I finished the four setting blocks and the four halfsetting blocks and was working on the applique blocks when I came to a screeching halt upon realizing that I had ironed the fusible applique to the RIGHT side of the fabric (I should have been putting it on the wrong side of the fabric!!!) ACKKKK! So I have to start over on the appliques with new pieces of fabric which I'll have to make a trip to the LQS to purchase--I almost cried when I realized what I had done. Am I the only one who makes these kind of foolish mistakes? I wasn't paying close enough attention, I guess. Will go to the LQS tomorrow and get more fabric.

So I put that all aside and started on another quilt! This quilt is made using Mary Engelbreit fabrics and the pattern is in a book I got at the Columbus Quilt Show that uses jelly rolls. The jelly roll I have is Mary Engelbreit's Friends and Flowers which has the cutest fabric in it! The picture shows the 2 houses that are in it--there's also a bird with very long legs which is what caught my eye and a big flower.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Very cute houses, love the ME fabrics also.

dd2 said...

yes - I do things like this all the time. Here's a classic Flakey-me story: I took the girls to the zoo last night and Isabel insisted on bringing her stuffed puppy with her. I didn't want her to, because I was sure she would lose it. Sure enough, we were immersed in the craft project at Habitat Hollow in the zoo and, as we finished, Isabel started crying for her puppy. "Puppy! Where's my puppy?" I asked the craft teacher and she said that she thought another child picked it up. Another zoo staff, who was extremely friendly & kind, heard Isabel crying (how could she miss it) and came over to help. We began looking at the other children & families, strollers, on the ground, all over the area we were in. This very kind zoo staff also enlisted the help of 2 more sympathetic staff members. We were all searching, while Isabel cried, "Puppy? Puppy? Where are you?" One of the staff members approached me and asked, "Does it look like this one?" as she indicated the stuffed puppy Ilena was holding, as I carried her in my arms. My face turned bright red as I laughed and said, "ummm, yes. It looks just like that because that's the one I'm looking for!" Ilena had it in her hand the whole time!!! The zoo staff tried very hard to stifle their giggles, as I hugged the search party coordinator in thanks for her kindness. Flakey Mom at her best!

jillquilts said...

Oh, I do silly mistakes like that all the time! I hope it wasn't too costly for you!

NanaKaren said...

Jan, Rosebud Lane is going to be beautiful. Sorry you had a set-back! Don't feel alone...I've made that mistake also.
Hugs, Karen

Jan said...

Thanks everyone for letting me know that I'm not the only one who messes up at times. It's good to be a member of the crowd!!!