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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vintage Sewing Machine

This week I received my Mother's vintage White Rotary sewing machine from my brother in Alabama. He had packed it very carefully and it got here in great shape, even though the motor is shot, my husband and fixer of all things thinks that he can get it running again. It runs just by turning the wheel and sews that way so we know it is in working order. The manual says 1927 on it so we think the machine is 81 years old. (Marvelous that the manual and cabinet are still with it and both in good shape!)

This is the machine that I learned to sew on and I remember making many 4-H projects on it. Also I remember Mother had gotten a zigzag attachment and was thrilled with that! My brother thinks that our grandmother also sewed on this machine before our mother, so it has seen a lot of fabric in it's day! The stories it could tell, huh?!

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Debi said...

What a beautiful machine...aren't we lucky to have these treasures? Yours is gorgeous. I hope Maynard can get it in working real soon.

Bren said...

How wonderful!!! It is a gorgeous machine Jan! I too hope your honey can get it going.

Anne Gentle said...

I'll be super impressed if Dad can get it working! We're reading the Little House series with Evan now, and I'm amazed that Ma could make braided straw hats, shirts, nightgowns, dresses, you name it, and I bet she didn't have a machine like that one for years! :)