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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pieces of the Puzzle

These are pieces of the quilt and 1 block for "State of Grace" from Shangri-La by 3 Sisters by Moda. I have made one quilt from this line of fabric already, but Maynard picked this jelly roll up for me , so I'm making another one---big grin!!!! But I don't mind in the least because I like the fabric so much!!! It's just beautiful and so lovely to work with! I have this "thing" for jelly rolls now--they are so much fun to work with and so neat to look at before you start working with them!

Still quilting on the purses quilt which will probably take a long time! I had a migraine yesterday so just look longingly at it and didn't do one stitch in it--ah well, today will be a better day!

Packing my bags today because tomorrow we fly to Birmingham, Alabama, where my brother, who lives in Gadsden will pick us up. We will stay with him and his wife for a couple of days. We haven't visited them for quite a number of years so will be good to see them. We have been teasing each other back and forth about mowing the lawn because they live on a huge, beautiful property that they keep mowed. He's telling me that he uses a push mower--I say more power to him (pun intended-ha!). I say he should get some cows and goats--free fertilizer, too!!! Fun to be able to joke with a relative, don't you think!!!??!! I look forward to a good visit!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Gina said...

I love the fabrics that you are using.

Enjoy your trip

love and hugs xxx

NanaKaren said...

Gorgeous fabrics, Jan! Love the block. Have a wonderful trip.
Hugs, Karen

Sheryl said...

Jan, I love those fabrics. Bless Maynard--he's such a sweetie. If I mentioned a "jelly roll" to Larry, he'd probably think I was baking something for him. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Relatives with a sense of humor are the best! Maybe you should get him down on the floor and tickle him a lot, too!!

Bren said...

I love that line of fabrics! Have fun!