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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Part of Grandmother's Flower Garden!

Part of Grandmother's Flower Garden is appliqued and it's beginning to come together. I'm not sure that I'm liking this one or not. Maybe it will look better when I get the tendrils embroidered on among the flowers and leaves and I get more applique on--like leaves--I think I need more leaves---what do you think? There will be more flowers on the right hand side and some half flowers at the top and part way down the left side. That will change the look of it quite a bit. I guess some projects aren't as exciting as others--have you had projects like that? I've been working on this one for more that a year and I really should just get it done and over with!!!!

Another block is finished in the Rosebud Lane quilt. This is block number 4. This is called the Rose Cottage. I tried and tried to get those shutters to hang correctly but finally gave up, guess they have that "weatherbeaten" look about them!!!LOL!!!

The third picture is of a whole cloth quilt for Project Linus that I named "Sweet Babies" since I thought the baby animals were so cute in it. The pile is growing bigger for Project Linus. Maybe next month we will have to take a trip to Quitman and deliver them. That means a shopping trip to Stitch' Heaven quilt store which is a delivery point---won't that be awful??? NOT!!!! Love those shopping trips!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Bren said...

I love the Grandmothers Flower GArden. If you are adding more flowers to the right side, I don't think you need more leaves. Sometimes more is too much.

Debi said...

Your GFG is coming along nicely. I really like the vines and flowers. Your cottage is so pretty, that quilt is going to be awesome. Another PL, that fabric is so cute. I need to get on my horse and quilt the 3-4 I have waiting.

NanaKaren said...

Your Grandmother's Flower Garden is beautiful. Love the cottage....so quaint with pretty colors. Keep on quilting!