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Monday, March 17, 2008

Heirloom Purse Block Number 5

Heirloom Purse Block Number 5 is finished and ready to go into the quilt! Only 3 more purse blocks to go!!! They are turning out so nice, I'm so excited about them and love doing them. I especially liked the beadwork on this one. Since I started the embroidery by hand on the rest of the blocks, I will continue to do them all by hand, but won't put as much embroidery on them as some crazy quilts have on them--wow, some of them are loaded, but I want the fabric to show through, too!!!

Glad to have this handwork now because in the evenings and on the week-ends, Maynard is using the sewing machine and working on a quilt of his own, besides quilting on the pile of Project Linus and other quilts that have accumulated in the guest bedroom. He quilted 2 this week-end, plus worked on the quilt that he has designed and picked out the fabrics for and is piecing!!!! It's so fun to see him working away on this and he is so good at it. I gave him a couple of lessons and off he went! It started when a co-worker brought him a hand-painted fabric panel from Asia that is just beautiful. He designed a quilt around it and picked out the fabrics. Now he is making pinwheel blocks. The picture shows how well he doing! I'm so proud of him! I told him we would have to get him his own sewing machine, but he ignored that! Now here's a guy that totally "gets" it when I buy fabric--how lucky can a girl be???!!!! LOL!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Your purse block is awesome. OMG those blocks were pieced my Maynard, what a great job. I can't wait to see his finished quilt. I could never get my DH to even come into my sewing room, much less try the machine.

Myra said...

Your tales of Maynard and his new obsession are just precious. Give him a pat on the back from me. Loving those purse blocks, so pretty!

Bren said...

That is my favorite purse block so far...I think that with each one! But I do LOVE bleeding hearts and the pearls are wonderful. Beautiful work.

Sheryl said...

LOVE your little purse block! Kudos to Maynard for learning new skills. DH and I were talking last night about more things we could do together. He suggested fishing, hiking, and camping. I suggested that we get a quilting machine and he could quilt my tops like Maynard does. He didn't go for it, darn it!