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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grandma's Barn Block

Wow, this week went by way too fast and I apologize for not posting a blog entry for a whole week--I got my arm out of the sling this week and started my Physical Therapy--yeah!!!! So I'm going to have to watch myself to see that I get everything done that I want to do now!!!

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Quilt Show and had a wonderful time--I found some goodies and just had fun looking around in general! One thing I found was a dear little bag of Sand and Surf line of Fat Quarters as shown in first picture along with some Fat Quarters for my barn quilt (not shown). Also a cute little stand up scrap basket to take to Sit N Sew (Frayed Edges) to catch the threads and scraps that accumulate while you work.

Speaking of said barn quilt, I finished the first block, but I may make it over again because of the big mistake I made in the roof line next to the silo, or I may leave it and say that Grandma "built" that part of the barn!!! After all, it is called "Grandma's Barn" quilt block!!!! It was one of those funny shaped pieces that just didn't want to go in place the right way and I struggled with it, but I didn't win!!! LOL!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

I like the barn the way it is! What great fabrics, love those, lol. We did have a good time, didn't we!

Bren said...

Yes, I agree with Debi. Leave the barn...it is adorable. I make a 4 block barn wallhanging years ago and fussy cut chickens for the open barn door...it was really cute but it looked like "attack of the killer chickens" The chickens were huge in comparison to the barn!

NanaK said...

I agaree with Debi & Bren...the quilt block is perfect as it is! Glad your cast has been removed and you're going to PT.

Anonymous said...

I think the bard is adorable and to tell the truth I didn't notice anything wrong with the picture until you mentioned it.

Gina said...

Quilters don't make mistakes, they make design changes.
I think it looks fine. I'm glad you are nearing getting back to normal.
I think te bag of the FQ's is adorable

love and hugs xxx