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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Small Steps

In the last few days I have tried sewing at the machine for just a few minutes, which isn't easy with your arm in a sling, and I've been surprised at what I've been able to accomplish! A whole row of charm squares with sashing and corner squares! Maybe doesn't look like much, but I feel like I've done a whole bunch in just a few minutes a day! I don't want to push it so have MADE myself go slowly! Feels so good to be at the machine again! There are really 6 blocks in the row, but one skipped out of the picture! These are packs of charm squares--I have 4 of them--2 each for each quilt I will make and these will go to Project Linus when finished someday.

Besides the flowers yesterday, I had a lovely pick-me-up phone call from the girls at retreat--they were having a wonderful time--I didn't get to go because of my surgery, but next time. According to what a little birdie told me, some serious work got done on the Forever Flowers quilts that were being worked on!!!! Your phone call really lifted my spirits, girls, and I thank you so much!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

I knew your recovery would not keep you down, small steps are just fine. I can't wait to see you again, very soon!

Bren said...

I am cracking up because, even though I do not know you well, I KNEW you could not WAIT to do something!!! Just be careful! The row looks great.

Gina said...

well done. Don't go mad and over do it though.
Take care of yourself and you'll son be whizzing through on the machine
love and hugs xxx

julieQ said...

Great job! Be careful in your recovery, I know how it is, we want to do too much too fast!! Hope your pain level is OK.