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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three More Quilts Finished

Forgive me if I have shown these before in an "undone" state, but here they are now all finished! The first one is called Tessellating Stars and will go to Project Linus. This was a pattern I found online and was easy to do.

The second one is called Twisted Stars and is an Eleanor Burns pattern---I like her patterns because they are written so thoroughly and are easy to follow.

The third quilt is called Texas and is the only Texas quilt I have done. I've wanted to make one for quite awhile and finally found a pattern that I liked! The colors look faded, but I guess it's from the bright sunshine! We've had several days of that lately and more to come--has been really nice to have the sunshine!

Now I need to go searching for a new quilt to piece---I have the Written in Thread embroidery quilt I'm working on and the Project Linus ones that I work on, but need a new one to piece. Guess it's time to get the magazines and books out and go hunting--won't that be fun to do? I love looking over the old magazines for ideas!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

Those are fabulous - I love the Twisted Stars! I'm supposed to be making a TX quilt for my cousin - shhhh.....I keep forgetting. You are an amazing quilter!

Myra said...

Those look great Jan. The twisted stars is my favorite. I am glad you enjoyed the sunshine - we had yukky rain all weekend. Oh well, good for sitting and stitching.

Debi said...

All three quilts are beautiful great job Jan. I am glad you are keeping two of them for yourself.

julieQ said...

What nice quilts to donate!! Wow, I love those twisted stars.

Barb said...

Love the Texas quilt...actaully love them all!!