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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring is Near!

At least Spring is near on my seasonal wall at my house!!! That's where I have my Lilac Bouquet quilt hanging and it cheers me up on this grey, foggy day! I'm sure you have a favorite wall hanging that cheers you up when you look at it, too! Care to share a word picture of it?

I guess this time of year is hard on everyone because we don't get enough sunlight and it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, I think. On these dark, dreary days, I turn the lights on in the house to help make things a bit more cheery, then when I go from room to room, it isn't so bad. Of course when I'm sewing, I have every light on in the room that I can find and that helps a lot--guess that doesn't help the electric bill though does it?!!

Nine blocks of baskets are done on my Aunt Bea's Parlor quilt--it's going along quite quickly, but as I've said before, there isn't nearly the embroidery on these that there was on the Polka Dot Girls blocks and they are smaller, but there are more of them!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

What a beautiful wall hanging. I really need to make a spring one for my office. I can't wait to see your spring baskets.

Terry said...

Your lilac quilt is just beautiful Jan! I saw a close-up photo of some lilac blooms on my screen saver the other day and I could almost smell them! Can't wait to do it for real!! :0)

Wilma NC said...

I love lilacs!! What a smell. I put out springy placemats and a tea towel. That's all so far.

pollyanna said...

I love lilacs. We have a bunch in our yard and when they bloom, the whole yard light sup. It is time to celebrate spring, isn't it? Days getting lighter earlier, staying light later :) Almost summer! Stay lighted, Jan :)

julieQ said...

I too love to open all the shutters and let the light stream! Cheery! Your quilt is so very pretty, I can see why you have it right where you can see it when you work.