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Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting These Project Linus Quilts Done----

Here are 4 more Project Linus quilts done and ready to go to new homes--only have 5 more to quilt and I will be caught up with Project Linus quilts. Maynard is working away on the bigger quilts pile and has one on the frame and 6 more left in the pile to quilt! I'm so excited that we are getting caught up!! Don't know why I put a deadline on myself for these, but I did. I wanted to be caught up with the PL quilts by the time I go to our quilting retreat on Februry 23rd because I am planning on working on more PL quilts while I am there--more Yellow Brick Roads--have have 10 bunches of 6 Fat Quarters selected and ready to go with me to work on for just that purpose, plus a mystery quilt all cut out and ready to sew---I plan on getting a lot done as you can see!

The first quilt is called "Down at the Frog Pond" and has frogs in the border and lily pads in some of the other fabrics. The second one is "Boats at Sunset." This is like one I did earlier--if you look closely at the blue fabric you can see boats in it. The third one is "Fabulous Flowers"--this is my favorite--I love those flowers! The last one is "Charmingly Diagonal" and is the one that is made with plain blocks in certain positions and you cut them and sew it back together and you get a quilt with triangles around the edges. I wish I had a link for it to show you the directions. It's a fun quilt to make!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Barb said...

Thanks for showing all those pictures, I have really enjoyed seeing them.

Debi said...

Beautiful as always. I love looking at your quilts.

dd2 said...

I love the Charmingly Diaginol quilt - it looks very comforting.

Jess said...

love the quilts. i will have to check out PL. I keep hearing so much about it!