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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sweet Pea Quilt

This quilt I call Sweet Pea because some of the fabric has Sweet Peas on it--aren't I just so clever???!!!! LOL!! It's done with the Take 5 pattern--the pattern says to take 5 minutes, choose 5 fabrics, and in 5 hours you've made this fantastic quilt. Well, the first 2 were right, but I think it took longer that 5 hours to make and I just have the top done! There was an awful lot of cutting done for this one and organizing the cut fabric. For scrappy quilts, I usually don't organize the fabric--that way it is truly scrappy to me. Guess I should have timed myself, but now another top is done and ready to go in the quilting pile!

It's a rainy, gray day outside and usually that makes me want to quilt and sew and embroider, but for some reason all I want to do today is read a good book and nap. So that's what I am doing--I guess I did sew some because I did finish the Take 5, but that's been all as far as quilting is concerned. Some days are like that and since I am retired, I can just go with the flow, which I think is very nice and I am truly thankful for that! Tomorrow will be another day!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

I like it, great PL quilt. I don't know about cutting 16 pieces out of each fabric...we will see!

pollyanna said...

I think any quilt that takes just a bit of time ("bit of time" is relative to what else there is to do LOL) is a perfect quilt :) I love the way this one looks. My grandgirl would love it too! PINK!

NanaKaren said...

What a great quilt! Love the colors. The recipient will love it, I'm sure!