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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Dozen New Chickens!

It's the same old question--which came first a dozen eggs or a dozen chickens? In this case it is a dozen chicken pin cushions that I made last night and this morning to take to our big get together with the DFW Gang Guild. It is happening tomorrow for the Shop Hop and Saturday for the Sit N Sew. There are 13 of us that are getting together--some of us friends from the Quilting Passion forum and some meeting for the first time--friends of friends are coming along for the fun!!! It will be a great time for all! Some of the girls are flying in from far away just for the week-end and it will be so much fun to meet them for the first time although we have formed friendships on the forum already!!! Isn't it fun to meet fellow quilters that way?

I was telling another friend who is a non-quilter about our get together and she asked me "What is about the quilt stores that makes you all want to go there and shop together?" And I had a hard time answering her! Finally I said something about common interests drawing us together. But it's more than that isn't it--there's a special bond that draws us together in friendship and it's very hard to explain it to a non-quilter. I guess we "see" things in fabric that other people just don't "see"--we can visualize what some piece of material will become and we dream about it together and that draws us closer. Very hard to explain and put into words, isn't it?! Maybe someone should write a book about it and explain it to all of us--maybe someone already has!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Sequana said...

I think........that the feelings we love when we are wrapped up in a quilt are the same feelings we get from friendships.

At least, that is part of it for me.

NanaK said...

What cute "chicks"!

Visiting quilt shops always brings me a warm and cozy feeling and I sense that the other shoppers also feel the same. Quilting friends are the best!!!

Jan said...

Sequana--I agree--we feel warm and safe wrapped in the quilt and in the friendship!

Jan said...

NanaK--thanks and you are right--I treasure all my friendships with other quilters!

Patchwork Penguin said...

I agree Jan. Going to the LQS with quilty friends is much more fun than going alone. Some of those "Does this work together" questions are answered even before you ask them.