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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2 Project Linus Quilts Ready to go!!!

Two Project Linus Quilts are ready to go out to find new homes: The first one is called happy Trucks and the second one (I think I showed in the process of making): String Diamonds. Both will go to the East Texas Chapter of Project Linus where they will be given to a boy or girl in need. Just got the news today that Pat V. the director of the chapter will be retiring in February of 2008. I hope they can find somone to take her place. They will have big shoes to fill, for she does such a wonderful job. The job is full time with all the organizing that goes on and the taking of quilts to the different places and labeling the quilts that come in, etc, etc. She did say that if they don't find someone that the chapter would have to close. That would be too bad.

It's always such a joy to finish these quilts and send them on knowing they will be loved by some child or teenager. They won't be judged on workmanship, but will be taken for just what they are---a labor of love!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Great job on the quilts, they are so bright and cheery. I know children are going to love them.

NanaK said...

Jan, these are great quilts...love the color and patterns. Children will love them!