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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coffee's On!!!!

The top to Java Jive is finished and waiting to be quilted. I'll hang this little wall hanging in my kitchen where my hubby can enjoy it,too, since he is the one always on the search for the perfect cup of java! I like the coffee cup border. The whole thing was fun to do and went rather quickly. If I hadn't fallen this afternoon (tripped over a electrical cord and no, I didn't jump up like a football player and continue on with the game!!! HA!!), I probably could have gotten the top quilted and ready to hang! But life does throw us curves every now and then, doesn't it?

Next on the list will be the jelly roll quilt and inbetween some more quilting on the Project Linus quilts, plus get the bindings on the 2 that are ready to be bound. I've also been hand quilting on the Sweet Tea, as I'd like to get that done and go on to the next one! I thought for sure that I had 3 borders done on that one, but alas and alack only 2 are completely done--don't you hate it when that happens--you think you are farther along on a project than you really are--it almost feels like a set back of some kind!!! Ah, well enough complaining--just get started on it and be done with it--right??!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!!



Debi said...

What a cute wallhanging,it is so bright and cheery. You did a great job. I hope the jelly roll quilt comes together quickly.

Myra said...

Oh I love that wallhanging Jan. I think the border is the best part. :o)

NanaK said...

Java Jive is great and just the thing I need for my kitchen. The colors are great!

Jan said...

NanaK--I tried to leave a comment for you at your blog, but it said I had to be a team member?--anyway thanks for your comments and welcome to the world of blogging!

NanaK said...

Thanks for letting me know this Jan... I'll go change the settings.