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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Happy Thanksgiving!

 I love Thanksgiving----it is my favorite holiday.  All ten of us were able to be together this year and it was great!  Anne and Paul did a fine job of hosting all the festivities.  We kept very busy and that was good for the kids -- they had a ball swimming, jumping at Jumpoline, playing games, attending Isabel's early Birthday Party and other things I don't even remember!  This Grandma got tired just watching!!!!!
 Isabel and Ilena
Nathan and Evan

We even managed to get a family portrait done!  The time went by all too quickly.  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too.  

Now all the Christmas commercialism is in high gear.  I used the internet to order all my gifts except for one. That is a nice way to go.  The kids and us decided that this year instead of gifts to each other we would take that money and give it to the charity of our choice.  We shared what that charity would be.  It was a very special time.  Of course, we still get to go shopping for the grandkids!

Maynard has a king size quilt on the quilting machine right now.  It is Debi's and it is coming along nicely.  It was nice of Debi to let him "practice" on it.  Thanks Debi!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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Debi said...

I am so excited to see it...can't wait to get it back and sew on the binding. I know Maynard is doing an awesome job!