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Monday, July 9, 2012

One Mini Quilt and 3 Medium Quilts

 Called "Hopscotch," this quilt pattern is from Fabric Cafe.  Quite a fun one to do!  Went together quite easily.
 My dear friend from Life Group at church, Jacque and her sister, I. J. gave me the fabric for this quilt.  That's why I named it "Jacque and I.J.'s Zoo,"  The pattern is called, "Just Can't Cut It."  Thanks Jacque and I.J!  There's still fabric left to do a couple more!
This quilt is called, "Spinning Scraps" and is from Quiltville.  It's another fun quilt of Bonnie Hunter's that is fun to put together.  Hard to believe that I have used up all my 2.5" scraps now and only have strings and selvedges  left!  I see another string quilt in the making.  It'll take a lot of selvedges to make a quilt, so I'll have to work on that as I go along!!!
This is a small quilt ---about 13 x 17 and was a kit from the Red Button Company, I think.  I hope I have the name right.  They included a red button with the kit and I sewed that on to the back.  I love the colors in this one!

So now you see what I have been busy with the last weeks.  But I still have some kits left that I put together a couple of months ago and a Moda Bake Shop pattern that I want to do.  And the basket of Fat Quarters put together into packs for Yellow Brick Roads is brimming over---so I always have something lined up to do--good to always have something to look forward to---right?!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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