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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Things

It's the little things that count and here is one little thing that I made from Pat Sloan's new book  "Redwork with a Twist."

 This picture shows the front of the Notion Keeper.  I just had to put some music fabric in there, too!!
 Here is what the notion keeper looks like on the inside.  Room for lots of things.  The scissors are tied by a ribbon.  The little redwork piece is a pincushion.
This is a little thread catcher that I made.  This particular pattern is NOT in Pat Sloan's book.  I got this pattern quite a number of years ago from a friend, Joanne in my Sit and Sew group.  She had a little class for us and several of us made them.  The one in Pat Sloan's book was too big for my liking and that's why I changed.  There's also a pin cushion included in the patterns, but I thought 7.5 x 7.5 was too big for a pin cushion for me, so I didn't make that.  That's more like a small pillow, IMHO.  Someday, I'll make one---I have done the redwork already for that, but it's a bit big, too.  Oh well.  I did enjoy making the thread catcher and the notion keeper.  I hope to try some of the other patterns in the book sometime soon.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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Debi said...

Adorable Jan, they are all so cute.