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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Afternoon Quilts

It's a beautiful, although chilly afternoon here in North Texas---just the right temperature to do some quilting. You can pretend you haven't got a care in the world and you don't have to cook supper or empty the dishwasher or any of those "do every day chores" and just sit and quilt!!! But soon the clock catches up with you and there you go! Ah well, it's still been a lovely afternoon! And I finished off 5 quilts and an afghan for Project Linus! I just had the binding to do on them, but my machine has been at the shop for it's annual cleaning and just got back yesterday evening. None of my other machines have needle up and down on them and I am truly spoiled to have that and miss it when I don't have it, so didn't set up any of my other machines in the Bernina's absence.

Anybody know why Blogspot is putting in the extra spaces after each paragraph?????

These quilts are all different sizes and cover a range of sizes this time. The pictures are above!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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Allie said...

Excellent quilts, Jan! I heard it snowed in TX today....yikes. Perfect for spending the day quilting. You got a lot done! I won't use a machine that doesn't have needle up/down either, lol. Mine also raises the presser foot automatically when you have needle down on...I think that's my favorite feature, and I couldn't sew without it anymore.

Blogger is being a tad silly lately, probably just a glitch.