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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall is here--I wonder where the coolness is?

It really is fall according to the calendar, but still getting temps in the high to middle 90s. Although some days it teases us and is in the 80s. Boy, that sure is nice. We even had a couple of rain showers to let us know what rain feels like again! Need a couple of days of nothing but rain and we might start filling up the lakes and reservoirs again! Be good to get this whole summer behind us!!!!

I made two more quilts for Project Linus---the first one is called "Marching 4 Patches" I don't remember just where this pattern came from, but it was fun to do.

The next one is a Yellow Brick Road from Fabrics that my BFF, Debi gave me (thanks Debi!) and I call it "Sunny Days are Here" I really like the fabrics--they remind me of the "Origins" (Basic Grey) line that Debi likes so well.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



julieQ said...

Your quilting makes me smile!! so there...mission accomplished!!

Allie said...

Well Jan, Fall is here in Michigan. Or maybe winter. I keep expecting snow. It didn't even get to 60 today. There is a vast unfairness to all of this.....

I love that top quilt, what a unique pattern. Both your quilts made me smile!!!

Terry said...

Those are both so pretty, but I just love that first one! :0)

Debi said...

Great job Jan...boy you are quick with those fabrics, didn't I just give them to you a week ago???