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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Finished two quilt tops and just couldn't wait to show them--they still need to be quilted. The first one is from the Turning Twenty gal---Trisha Cobbs and is called Sunday School Singers. It is all different songs that we all have sung in Sunday School I'm sure, plus a bunch of cute kids singing them! One little boy is even standing on his head with excitement---------I remember a few of those in the kindergarten class that I taught many moons ago!!!! I posted a closeup of the singers and one of the songs so you could better see them. I'm going to hang this one somewhere, just don't know where just yet! I did the embroidery by hand, although she does offer an embroidery CD.

The second quilt is the wall hanging size of the Quilt Barns quilt from Eleanor Burns. I have shown this as I have gone along with it, but now it is all together. As I have said before her patterns are so nice to follow because she writes them so clear and concisely.

Now I am starting on a table runner from Connecting Threads. It is called Apple River Table Runner Red Kit and is in their current catalog. I'm making it for our good next door neighbors, who after living next to us for the last 18 years are moving to the country. We will miss them so much but wish them well in their new home.

So I'd best get off the computer and get busy with the table runner!!!! Right??!! Spring is here today and it's hard to stay indoors. Buster the dog and I already took our walk and it was so nice.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

LOVE the Sunday School one - oh yes I remember the ones standing on their heads too, lol! The Quilt Barns are just gorgeous, is that all pieced or appliqued?
Always sad to lose a good neighbor - I'm sure they'll love the table runner for their new home!

Wilma NC said...

They are really nice. You always do such nice work.

Debi said...

Both those tops are beautiful Jan. I love how your barns turned out.