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Monday, November 29, 2010

Two More Tops---One for Me---One for PL

Here are two more tops---one for me to keep----the redwork baskets and one for Project Linus---the bright, cheery one.

The Redwork one is the same baskets (Aunt Bea's Parlor) that I did in all different colors and 1930's fabrics. This time I did them in reds and ivory. The wall hanging is made a specific size to hang on a certain wall in a certain place. It does look like a funny size. But fits very well where I want it!

The PL one is done with the pattern called Patchwork PDQ. It does go quite quickly and each block measures 15", so is fast to put together once you make the blocks.

Been having cold fronts moving through bringing cold, windy weather, but then it warms back up into the 60's and low 70's for a few days and then cold again with a little rain. Funny weather, but we'll keep those 60's days as long as we can! What's it like in your corner of the world?

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

Jan I love your redwork quilt - that striped fabric gives it so much life! Do take a pic when you have it hanging. I love making quilts for specific spots. The PL quilt is so cheery, very nice!

It's just plain cold here in Michigan. You may send me some 60's if you'd like. *G*

Terry said...

I'll take your weather over ours. It's pouring down rain here today, but for the next 10 days (and then some) the highs are in the 30s and the lows in the 20s. I think winter has found us. :0/

Debi said...

Both quilts are so pretty, and I love the redwork baskets. Looking forward to see you on Saturday.

Gari said...

Your redwork quilt is quite beautiful and I know you are going to enjoy it.