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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More for Project Linus Today

Here are some more quilts that I put together and quilted for Project Linus. They are now in the pile for delivery to the drop-off which is the LQS in McKinney. That pile is growing and now has 13 quilts in it with more to come. I got quite a few tops done and am now in the quilting stage. Maynard is helping me with the bigger ones by doing them on the Little Gracie Pro II machine. He has another train one on there now.

The first one I called "Yellow I Spy" ---each block in the middle of the block has a cute picture square. The second one is "Red and Flower Strip"---lots of florals in this one!

Third one and fourth one are very similar, so I called one "Black and White and Lime Green All Over" and the other one "Black and White with a Touch of Purple."

We are still getting the hot weather---I think the weather man said this is the 11th day with temps over 100 deg. Our thermometer read 109 one day last week---too hot for me----------I get hot even with the A/C running just knowing how hot it is outside. I feel sorry for the workers that have to be outside!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Terry said...

Love the lime green ones! That seems to be a really popular color right now! Stay cool! :0)

Debi said...

Great job Jan, you are the quilting queen!

Allie said...

Those are just wonderful Jan, wow 13 quilts! I love the top one best - so sunny!
I feel sorry for those working outside too. I looked out my window this morning and saw a road crew, with an asphalt truck. No 100's here, but close, and as humid as it can get. I won't even go out and get the mail!

Michele Bilyeu said...

You and Maynard and your beautiful and giving hearts just make mine sing! Wonderful quilts!

Myra said...

You and Maynard are really churning them out Jan. I know you have blessed a lot of young hearts with your little quilts.