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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Block and a Quilt Top

This quilt block is the Quilt Barn Block for the month of July. (You have to scroll way down on the page to see this!) This was fun doing these 4" blocks. I chose another block for this month because I do not like doing Grandmother's Flower Garden----guess I made enough when I was making them to complete the blocks that I got when my Mother-in-Law died. I made wall hangings for each of my daughters and one for myself and there are still some blocks left! I did every thing by hand and I think I've had enough! Although I did enjoy every minute of it, I must confess!!!!!

The quilt top that I called Tumbling Tumbleweeds is from the book Scrap Basket Surprises---it has a lot of neat quilts in it----it was of those quilts that you have to pay close attention to, so that everything goes the right way into it's correct space!

We've had such hot, humid weather here in Texas, that I have been staying inside all that I can-----most of the outdoor stuff is handled by hubby, which is a good thing! But it still seems so hot to work on sewing and especially handwork---everything seems so sticky! What's it like in your part of the world?

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

What a darling barn block!! I'm so drawn to these. I don't think I could handle a GFG - especially by hand, and I think you do have to do them by hand, don't you? Yipes.

LOVE the quilt. The colors are perfectly summery and I love the design - although it looks a bit tricky!

We were actually hotter than Florida this past week, you're right, even in the a/c it's still hard to handle fabric. Unless you turn it up real high, lol. We only have my room with the unit in it, so it's truly my sanctuary this week! More hot weather on tap coming up, too. No thanks!

Gari said...

I have been collecting the barn blocks but haven't started them yet: I really like them and MUST make them.

Way to hot in AL, too. I find that a/c and a fan work best for me. And when I am feeling a little too hot I step outside in the real heat and then it feels pretty good inside. ;-)

Myra said...

The barn block is very cute and the colors in the quilt are so soothing.

It has cooled down a bit here and the weekend was very pleasant. It isn't going to last long though - back in the mid/upper 90's this week.

Debi said...

Love the barn block..and the quilt top is fantastic. I will have to look that up in my book.