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Monday, August 24, 2009

Timeless Treasures Block Four

Here is Timeless Treasures Block 4 all finished. I have traced off Block 5 embrodieries and have that ready to work on tomorrow at Sit and Sew. There are nine blocks so I'm almost half way there! The "tender moment" is "When seeing me lights up your face."

Also there's a picture of a little Pansy and Doodlebug wool pincushion that I did. Trying out wool again in small doses. I had done a small wall hanging in wools with buttonhole stitch applique and just didn't care for it too much, but decided I wanted to try it again because the girls that are working on it at Sit and Sew just love it. It certainly is easy to do and it doesn't ravel much, but I'm riding the fence on this one!!!!! I have another little pincushion to do and I'll decide after that.

Today I'm also working on sewing together a couple of Log Cabin quilts for Project Linus. They each have 42 blocks. Debi had given me a "Layer Cake" of 10" squares of "Tranquility by Moda" and I used that for the logs, plus an off white for the blocks. They turned out pretty. I'm setting it in the Sunshine and Shadows pattern, where they all lay the same way. When I get them all together I'll post a picture!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Myra said...

I think the pansy pincushion is really sweet Jan. Smart of you to try it out on small things - I tend to just jump right in and it doesn't always work out so well. :o)

Crispy said...

Nice stuff Jan :0) I'm on the fence over woolly stuff too, just doesn't thrill me like fabric does.


Debi said...

I love the Tender Moments block. I can't get over those tiny flying geese. The pin cushion is very cute.

Caroline said...

The pincushion is lovely, although you can't tell the size from the photograph .. I thought you had made a full sized cushion lol.

Well done !

Caroline x

Allie said...

Love the block and pincushion - although I'm not a fan of wool. Love the pattern, though!