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Thursday, August 20, 2009

301 Posts--Wahoo!!!

This is my 301st post--doesn't seem possible!! The time just flies by---seems to go faster every day---there's so much I want to do and the time gets away from me! But I don't want to give up my afternoon nap!!!! LOL!!!

The pictures show a little "bag" that I made for the DFW Gang for our retreat. It takes a potholder and 4 snack size zip lock baggies. You center the baggies on the plain side of the pot holder and pin in place, then sew them down---they are slippery little things so you have to sew carefully. I used a zig-zag stitch. Then you sew a button on the front that the loop of the potholder fits around and "viola"----- a little "bag"---so simple and fun to do. I used a larger pot holder---it measured 7" x 9".

Today I'm working on quilting some more Project Linus quilts and also sewing Log Cabin blocks using the Tranquility line that Debi gave me---they are turning out so pretty!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Terry said...

Congratulations on hitting 301 posts Jan! Love the little "bag" too! I can just imagine how tricky it was to sew those baggies into place! LOL

~Bren~ said...

Congrats on over 300 posts.
I LOVE that potholder/baggie thing!

pollyanna said...

Wow those little bags are adorable! What a clever idea. Bet the Gang loved them :)

Crispy said...

Cute little tote, I bet those ziplock bags were slippery to sew down LOL.

Wow 301 posts...I wonder where I'm at, I never go to my dashboard.


Myra said...

What a neat little bag. You are so creative!

Ruthie said...

Cute little bag. I made some of these and used a bit of glue stick on the bag bottom edges and then stitched a piece of ribbon down the center, covering the bottom edges of the bags.