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Monday, April 20, 2009

Doing New Mystery Quilt

Aren't these squares cute? They are part of a new mystery quilt called Spring Nickel Quilt that can be found on the new forum Quilting Bee Forum which is a great one where a lot of the gals from another forum now gather (buzz around the hive? ((Groan!!)) There's lots of bee references there, in fact all the references and names of the divisions are about bees!!!! What fun!

Clue #2 has been posted so I need to get busy on that. I have been working on putting the baskets of 1930's together and for some reason that has been very, very slow. I've been working for at least a week and more on them and still don't have them done. For one thing, I had to clean through all my 30's fabric and that took a day's work there, but now they are nice and neat.
I have my next project all picked out and it is another Australian embroidery piece called Tender Treasures. It is one that Debi and I got together. She found it on a blog. I'm doing it in browns, beiges, tans and burgundy. Need to get a square traced so I can get started on it!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Crispy said...

Hi Jan, I haven't been back to the "Hive" in quite a while. Who is running the mystery quilt?

Do you have a link to the embroidery project you and Debi are working on?


PS - Say hi to the gang for me :0)

Debi said...

Those are so cute Jan, they look very small though. Great job, and I can't wait to see your first Tender Moments. I did embroidery the first block, but have not picked them up since.