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Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Picture heavy today----lots to show.   These first two pictures show a Jinny Beyer quilt that I made and the close-up shows Maynard's quilting on our new machine----a Handi Quilter Fusion 24.  He did 2 kings, and a full sized and several Project Linus quilts over the holidays and they all turned out nice in my humble opinion!   I love the way this quilt seems to glow in the center of each gray area of the blocks.  Jinny Beyer's fabric colors are really neat!

 This is a quilt from the new book from Project Linus and I called the quilt "Sail Away."  The book is called "Quilt It with Love, The Project Linus Story."  A great book with really cute patterns in it,
 I called this one "Goes Up and Goes Down."  Kinda like that certain kind of bed they advertise on TV.  It reminded me of that!  Kinda silly, I know!  Not affiliated (you know the rest!)!
This last one I called "I Spy Rows."  Debi (thanks Debi) gifted me with a stack of I Spy charms and this is what I did with them.  I hope some kid has fun with them.

Had a couple of somewhat warmer days and now supposed to get a big rain storm.  We are like other areas of the country, in that we really need a good rain or two or three, because the water is going down on our water supply.  So I hope this plays out like the weather man is saying it will.


Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

Wow - I LOVE that first quilt - you're so right, it does glow! The quilting is amazing. Well done!!! Love them all, you two are a superb team!!!

Terry said...

I love the first quilt, and I love the quilting on it too! It's beautiful! :0)

Debi said...

You have been very busy. I love the butterflies too, and that quilt is stunning...hope it is one for you!

Dianna said...

I love all the quilts. Could you tell me what size squares you used in the I SPY row quilt?

dd2 said...

Our I SPY is still one of my favorite quilts! I know some other child will love this one too. And the red quilt is so pretty!!

Sheryl said...

I love seeing that first quilt because I was with you when you bought the kit. It turned out so beautiful, and Maynard's quilting is top notch.