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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Electric Blue Chicken

Here is the Electric Blue Chicken and Friends. This is still just the top and needs to be quilted yet. These chickens were done with the pattern from Buggy Barn from the book called "Certifiably Crazy." Once I caught on to what we were doing, I was fine, but it took awhile to wrap my head around it. Out of the box for me!!! But now they are going right along. I did eight for this quilt and will do 8 with stars and 8 with hearts for the quilt for me. Yes, I'm going to keep one for myself and add it to my room that is overflowing with barn and chicken quilts! What fun!

Is everyone having this terrible heat? We keep hearing about the Northeast having temperatures as bad as we are having here in Texas---Is that old saying true then? If you have a bad winter, then you will have a bad summer. Seems to be holding true here.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

I do love your chickens!!! LOVE Buggy Barn patterns. We haven't had too much heat this week, the humidity has been very low and temps in the 70's and low 80's. HOWEVER, retribution is coming....going to be 90's over the weekend and all next week. Not as hot as you are, but too close for comfort, lol!

Debi said...

The chickens are adorable, so glad you are keeping some for yourself.

julieQ said...

OH, I love your chickens!!! yes, it is just so hot, isn't it...hoping for some cool rain here!

Gari said...

I have done several chicken quilts for my 89 year old mother who loves and collects everything chicken. If I were going to do another, I think your chickens would be perfect. I'm not because she doesn't use them, just "keeps them" put away so nothing happens to them.