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Friday, May 13, 2011

Trio of quilts

Have any of you ever posted and then your post disappeared the next day-----------that is what just happened to me----------------blogger must not feel like playing nice today!!!

So here are the pictures and names of my last three Project Linus quilts: "Spinning,"---more pinwheels which are fun to make--these look like they are spinning around and around!

The next one is "Blue I Spy." For some reason I have ended up with two boxes of I Spy fabrics and I even took the box and passed it around at Sit and Sew one day! It still grew more instead of less!!! Go figure! Have to make some more I Spy quilts, I guess!!

Last one I called "Camping at Night." The fabrics seem dark and some of them are--they all show camping and fishing and north woodsy kinds of things. Hope some little boy gets this one!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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Allie said...

Yes it did disappear, and that's not all - I couldn't log in and neither could anyone else! It was down for what seemed half a lifetime, lol. How I missed everyone!

Your quilts are lovely, I really like the pinwheels - must try them sometime!