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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sewing Room Make-Over

Hubby Maynard helped me and we did over the sewing room. I had converted the dining room into my sewing room a long time ago, but have changed it around several times. This time all we did was removed a fold-out part of the cutting table, that I never used and put more storage drawers underneath and it gave me a whole other look and space to the area! The two before pictures are on top and the two after are the last two. Gives me a whole other outlook on life. Funny how little changes make a big difference, isn't it? Or am I the only one who feels that way?

I'd love to see your sewing room. Maybe you could post a picture on your blog.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

It's beautiful!! I love the quilt on your ironing board. Yep, little things DO make a difference - maybe I'll post some pics of my own mini-makeover, lol. I do want hubby to make me a corner table for my computer first, though. Looks lovely, Jan, what a delightful space!

Wilma NC said...

Looks good. I am slowly but surely getting my sewing room neatened up, lol.

Debi said...

Wow, that looks great. As soon as Kit finishes with my new sewing table, I will be redoing mine as well.

Barb said...

Looks fabulous...you have alot of room. I took over the family room, one son said I would be disturbing the person wanting to watch TV if I took the diningroom and he is right besides I have more privacy here.