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Friday, April 9, 2010

Finished more PL quilts before the Week-end!

I finished some more Project Linus quilts before the week-end. The week-end is when I give up my sewing space to my husband, Maynard and he works on his quilt and I set up my Featherweight in the kitchen and sew out there. Can't do any free motion quilting on that---just straight forward sewing, so I have to plan ahead!!!! He is coming along very nicely on his quilt and is already looking around for what he wants to work on next---------------but he says he "has" to finish this one first!!! I told him there's no quilter's law that he has to do that, but he is determined!!! LOL!!!

The first one is called "All Star Ball"--there are ball players (basketball).

The second is "Purple Snoballs"--reminds me of that poem "I thought I saw a purple cow" and ends "But I'd rather see than be one."

The third is from Eleanor Burns book of the same name "Orion's Star." A star within a log cabin---this one really was a quilt in a day---I got the top done in one day---I was very surprised at how fast it went---fun to do!

The last one is "Checkmate" from Pieces of the Heart company. I used leftover Zippity DO Dah fabrics for that. Jackie gave me some leftover fabrics that she had---thanks Jackie!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



julieQ said...

You are totally cooking!

Allie said...

*thud* You are amazing!