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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Project Linus Again!

These quilts finish up my short pile of Project Linus quilts---these were the smaller ones that I can quilt on the Bernina sewing machine. We still have 6 more in the pile for the Little Gracie pro II and Maynard is working on those. Now I need to make some more tops and finish crocheting a baby blanket---I'm putting the ruffle edge on it now.

The names of these quilts are Snow Days and Four Flowers. The flowers were pieced except for the stems and leaves and were fun to do, except I only felt like doing one instead of the nine blocks that it called for---it made a good medallion! These were good scrap quilts, yet I don't see my stash going down by any amount! I'm running out of space in my cupboard!! Yet that doesn't seem to stop me from buying more---go figure!

I need to get busy and wrap Christmas presents, but keep putting it off for some reason---do you do that, too and wait until the last minute?

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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Gari said...

Putting off wrapping gifts? How could you? Well, I know because I haven't wrapped any: and most have to be sent. I did take everything to the studio with all the good plans to wrap all tomorrow morning if I have to.