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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making a Birthday Celebration Last!!!!!!!

On last Saturday , the DFW Gang got together for a Sit and Sew at Sally's "house" in Ponder and among other things celebrated Shelly and my Birthdays! Mine isn't until later in the month and Shelly's was in September, but that didn't stop my friends----I love making a celebration last a long time---so much fun! We had a cupcake cake which was yummy courtesy of Debi and a song, of course. Above is a picture of all the wonderful things my friends got for me---wonderful fabric and all kinds of special goodies. Thank you one and all!!! We did get some sewing done, too!!!! Believe it or not!!!

Yesterday at Sit and Sew, I finished up the last embroidery block for the Tender Treasures (I think that's the name of the quilt, for some reason I never can think of the name!!!). Now to put the last big block together and sew the big blocks together and put the border on and I'll have another quilt top finished. That will feel good!! Always feels good to finish something, doesn't it?!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

How fun! You got some lovely gifts! Congrats on finishing up the embroidery - can't wait to see this one!

Debi said...

Wow, you did clean up on the gifties...happy birthday. I can't wait for the holiday party.