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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

We really need the rain and I shouldn't complain, but oh, it's getting me down all this rain and grey skies!!!! All I want to do is curl up with a book and then I fall asleep and take a nap and that doesn't get any sewing or quilting done, does it!!! I did tie off a fleece quilt and had to untie the corners because they were too tight and made a "bowl" at each corner!!! Learned the hard way!

And I am learning how to do a "toothbrush rug" the Aunt Philly way, but it also is turning up at the edges and making a bowl, but I keep turning it down and adding stitches and maybe it will flatten out, but nothing to show you pictures of yet.

Also am working on Christmas gifts for the Great DFW Gang Christmas Party that will be on the first Saturday of December---big plans for that!! But I can't show pictures of that either because someone will see them and there goes the surprise!!!!!

So I guess that it's---I'm still around and will show pictures when I get around to it!!!! -----Be a roundtoit---the world needs more roundtoits!!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



SandyQuilts said...

Man I'm so jealous of the DFW gang get togethers. I know you guys have lots of fun. Tell Sally I said hi.

Allie said...

Rain used to energize me, before arthritis! Now I'm with you, just want to curl up and snooze.
I've done that with fleece quilts, it's hard not to, lol. Your projects sound wonderful, can't wait to see them - but don't spoil the surprise!

Crispy said...

I'm a roundtoit but my house is a mess because of it LOL. I look forward to seeing all your "bowl" projects LOL.


julieQ said...

I know what you mean, lots of rain...lots! We had flooding here, too. Hopefully I can come this year to the DFW gang getaway!