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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Piccadilly Baskets and Project Linus!

The first picture shows basket blocks for Piccadilly Baskets. They are 30's fabrics and colors for the embroidered flowers. They are lots of fun to do. I'm using the template method of applique, where you use starch around the edges of the applique on which you have left a 1/4" seam and you fold the seam under with a hot iron around the template---- I'm using my Clover mini iron (the one like a stick with a triangle at the end of it ((technical terms LOL!!))) That leaves a nice sharp edge to applique stitch by hand on.

Here are some more for Project Linus! Sally made the first one called Princess Crowns that I quilted and bound for her. The next one is called Blue Bento Box and is one of the Challenge To Myself quilts ---- it was a fun one to do if you kept your wits about you as you put it together!!!! The last one is called Acorn Farm--you can't probably see them, but there are pictures of emblems with cows on them that say Acorn Farm and the rest are things related to farming.

Now back to quilting and making baskets for Piccadilly Baskets.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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Allie said...

Love love love those baskets! Your quilts are wonderful - I have the Bento Box pattern but haven't done it yet, yours turned out so well I think I'm going to have to dig the pattern out!