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Monday, May 25, 2009

First Block on New Quilt!

Well, I made the first block on a new quilt and now I'm not sure that I want to continue............some quilts are like that. That is a nice quilt and all, but oh, those tiny flying geese about did me in--you cut a 1 7/8" square and then you cut that in half diagonally and that was the side part---that is tiny to work with as far as I'm concerned!!!! I worked very, very carefully on the ones I did and they turned out okay, I think, but each block has 2 strips of flying geese in it----arrrrgggghhhh!!!!!! Plus there are 47 little pieces in each 20" square! Wowza! That seems to be a lot. What do you all think about it? I'm going to take it to Sit and Sew and get some views there, too. Maybe I'll trace off the next embroidery squares and see what they lead me to do---always nice to have embroidery to do at Sit and Sew--it's such nice handwork. The little poem says "Life, a truly precious gift, made special with you here, Memories made to treasure, Tender moments held so dear."

Do you have plans for Memorial Day? We're going to do some shopping (all American pasttime!) and grill some hamburgers tonight. It's a good day to remember those in the Armed Services-- members who have given their lives so that we can remain free and the ones who have served and are serving now.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Crispy said...

The quilt sounds like something I would like but then I LIKE small and difficult. The joy of hand piecing is you just keep sewing and never have to square up anything. If you aren't enjoying the process don't continue the geese part and just do the other stuff IMHO.


Wilma NC said...

The block itself would make a cute mini quilt. I think it's really cute.

Jeanne said...

I really like the block. Maybe you could use another method for the geese - paper pieced strip? Or substitute something else for those sections.

Barb said...

Is it because it is so small that you are thinking of not finishing it....because I loooooooooooovvvveee it!!!

Debi said...

This block is great, I love all of it. However, whenever I find in a pattern like this something I don't like to make, I change it. Instead of flying geese, I would cut a piece of fabric the size of the total blocks, and go with that.

~Bren~ said...

I completely understand what you are saying, but I think you should keep going. It will be worth all the work and it will get easier the more you make.